About Christine Ferris

Meet Christine Ferris

Speaker, Trainer and Coach

As a John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach, Christine takes the finest leadership material and empowers individuals with the character, confidence, and communication skills that lead to lasting success personally and professionally. Using her relationship with her Golden Retriever, Trustee, as an example, Christine breaks down the natural barrier between knowledge and life-application. She speaks from the heart to the heart, and the result is life transformation that leads to greater unity, community, and productivity within families, companies, and communities.

Meet Trustee

Canine Leader and Motivator

Trustee is the John Maxwell of the dog world. Even as a young pup, he had all the attributes of a true leader and has mentored many dogs and people alike in the finer points of influential leadership. Trustee provides a classroom full of valuable leadership lessons. His style is authentic, his character is consistent, and his example is inspiring. He’s unimpressed by company titles and college credentials. He looks past the surface and measures the character of an individual from the inside out.

“Trustee taught me that leadership is way more about who you are than what you do. Character drives conduct. Without it, consistent success is unattainable.” – Christine Nicole Ferris

My Approach & Values

  • Honesty is our policy. We are honest with ourselves and with those we serve.
  • Integrity is our practice. Our character and our conduct match up.
  • Consistency is our power. We daily walk the talk of leadership.
  • Kindness is our principle: We treat others like we want to be treated.

My Experience

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