Lad joined our pack in May of 2020 as an 8-week-old puppy, carefully and intentionally chosen to be Trustee’s successor and our next working partner. He won our hearts instantly with his precocious personality and insatiable appetite for learning new things.

On August 5, 2021, our hearts broke as we unexpectedly had to part with our Lad after he suffered a series of debilitating seizures. Lad left a lasting legacy in our hearts through the lessons he taught us during his short life, lessons we now call Lessons from Lad.

On March 22, 2022, which would’ve been Lad’s 2nd birthday, we signed a contract with Redemption Press to publish Lessons from Lad. Lessons from Lad is NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon – just click the button below!

About the Author

Christine Nicole Ferris calls Indiana home. Ten years of participation in the Elkhart County 4-H program cultivated a love for public speaking and canine training, two passions that have shaped her life and career as a Canine Leadership Trainer.

From an early age, Christine’s dogs became one of God’s richest classrooms for developing her character and they continue to play a significant role in her personal growth on a daily basis. Her walk with Christ has been deepened as aspects of her relationship with God have become more tangible through her work with the many dogs she has owned and trained.

Christine and her husband, David, love to start each day with Bible time, prayer, and a good cup of coffee! Together, they team up to teach leadership principles with a canine component and thrive on serving their community in as many ways as possible with their two golden retrievers Trustee and Trouper and their rough collie Lad’s Legend.